Monday, 22 October 2018

JET Fashion Diplomacy - Sesparlu60 Vlog "Damos D. Agusman"

A beautiful morning to you all...please check out my latest Vlog for sesparlu60 with the one and only Mr. Agusman Damos in YouTube, Im sure you'll be inspired and of course motivated by His words of wisdom.

JET presents this week’s vlog for #Sesparlu60 with Dr. iur. Damos D. Agusman, Director General for Legal Affairs & International Treaties

“To achieve win-win solution in diplomacy, a diplomat has to find the balance between legal and political argument” as urged by DG Damos 🇮🇩
Aside from an accomplished Director General, Dr Damos is a prolific writer, having written extensive books on International Law and Maritime Law ⚓🌊
His PhD thesis which was titled “The Legal Status of Treaties Under International Law” brought him to Magna Cum Laude graduation in Frankfurt’s Goethe University

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Saturday, 18 August 2018


"... Walaupun banyak negri kujalani 
Yang masyhur permai dikata orang
Tetapi kampung dan rumahku
Disanalah kurasa senang
Tanahku tak kulupakan 
Engkau kubanggakan
(Excerpts from Ibu Sud's Song "Tanah Airku" or "My Homeland")

17th of August 1945 was the day that President Sukarno proclaimed the independence of Republic of Indonesia. Since then, there has been annual flag raising ceremony all across the country to celebrate Indonesian independence.

On August 17, 2018, Indonesians celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Indonesian independence. This year's celebration is particularly special to JET as it marks my first attendance in Foreign Ministry's ceremony upon returning from Australia in late 2017. 

Traditionally, the Independence Day is celebrated in Indonesia's Foreign Ministry through the holding of Upacara Bendera-flag raising ceremony- hosted by Foreign Minister. Today, the ceremony is even more special than the previous ones as all attendees were invited to wear their very own traditional attires.

From Sabang to Papua, Indonesian diplomats and civil servants proudly wear their traditional attires to attend the ceremony held in Indonesia's Foreign Ministry.

Taking into account that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the largest archipelago in the world consisting of more than 17000 islands with hundreds of tribes, these attires cannot be seen as mere outfits as they also embody the message of Indonesia's Unity in Diversity national motto (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika). 

Traditional sarong, sash and head piece from Sumba is JET's preferred choice of wear for the celebration. Each piece is hand-crafted by craftswomen in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Find this handsome collection in Handy Hartono's boutique (IG: @handy.hartono). 

See more of the lively celebration and the beauty of Indonesian traditional textile worn by Indonesian diplomats in Instagram (@JETANDJUNG) as well as Facebook Page (JET's Fashion Diplomacy). 

Catatan Kecil Untuk Rekans Diplomat dan Sahabats Fashionista:

Suatu kehormatan dan kebahagiaan tersendiri untuk mengenakan busana daerah pada Peringatan HUT Kemerdekaan RI ke-73. Dari mana pun kita berasal, banggalah untuk mengenakan dan mempromosikan busana daerah kita.

Lebih dari fungsi penutup tubuh, busana daerah menampilkan kebhinekaan Indonesia, terdiri dari rajutan suku bangsa yang bersatu untuk membangun Tanah Air tercinta, untuk mewujudkan Indonesia nan jaya. 

One tiny yet effective message, do not forget to smile when one is wearing traditional outfits. Firstly, those colorful and beautifully designed outfits require us to put on our best smile, unless you wish to be photographed in a dull or angry face. Secondly and most importantly, it is our Independence Day, let's celebrate, be merry and proud to Indonesians!


JET wears Handy Hartono's stunning and premium collection of Tenun (hand-woven cloth) and head piece from Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Find his mens and womens collection in IG (@handy.hartono). 

For centuries, Tenun (hand-woven textile) in Sumba is valued highly. For centuries, the textile in this area is collected by foreign and local aficionados looking for the most exclusive textile with rich tradition. The weaving tradition is passed from Mothers to theirs daughters and grand-daughters. The textile is made from cotton planted in the area, while colors are produced from natural vegetal dye.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)

Director General for Legal Affairs & International Treaties, Dr. iur. Damos Agusman, with Madam Ermita Damos and Directors with Foreign Minister, H.E. Retno Marsudi, and Mr Agus Marsudi -both dressed in traditional Javanese-.

Vice-Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr AM Fachir, dressed in Banjar traditional outfit & Madam Yasmin Fachir wore Kutai's signature outfit from Kalimantan.

Padangnese and Javanese attire

Secretary General, Mr Mayerfas, handsomely dressed in Padangnese and Madam Virna Mayerfas, beautifully dressed in Javanese kebaya and Batik sarong. I am ecstatic to welcome my dearest friend, Indah Nuria Savitri, who just returned from New York few days ago. Together we’ll promote fashion diplomacy 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 

Royal Acehnese traditional attire is elegantly worn by Dr. Yayan Mulyana, Head of Center for Education and Training, and Madam Irene Mulyana. 

Traditional attires from South Sulawesi, Lampung, Kalimantan, Java, Jakarta are presented by these amazing Directors and colleagues of JET.

Ms Lefianna H. Ferdinandus with her two Deputies, Mrs Hesti and yours truly, JET. 

Madam Sari Percaya, Chair of ASEAN Women Committee and spouse of DG Desra Percaya. 

Elegant ladies & JET

With spouses of DG and Directors from DG for Legal Affairs and International Treaties

With Madam Tantri Anshor, spouse of DG for American and European Affairs, and the spouses of Sekdilu Batch 17 officers.

Two handsome seniors

With Mr Hendra Halim (Director for European Region II), JET and Mr Riaz Saehu (Director for ASEAN Social and Cultural Cooperation)

H.E. Mr Jose Tavares (DG for ASEAN Cooperation) dressed in East Nusa Tenggara textile and Madam Rennie Wibowo-Tavares in Javanese kebaya and Batik

Mr Cecep Herawan (DG for Information and Public Diplomacy) and Madam, Mrs Dewi Wahab (Expert Staff to Foreign Minister), Mrs Anita Luhulima (Secretary to DG for Multilateral Affairs)

Two Manadonese

Yet, the left one is dressed in traditional Minahasa (North Sulawesi) attire, and the right one dressed in East Nusa Tenggara's one. 

Sekdilu Batch 28 wishes you all "Happy 73rd Indonesian Independence Day".

Papuan traditional dress is proudly worn by this smart and beautiful colleague, Renita Moniaga. 

Spouses of Director Generals showcasing a rainbow of traditional Indonesian dresses (First Echelon).

The line of Directors dressed to the nines in elegant one-of-a-kind outfits (Second Echelon).

Real live choir Sekdilu 40 (the newly enrolled Indonesian diplomats).

Sekdilu 40 with Head of Center for Education and Training and Madam Irene Mulyana. 

With the Head of Bureau for Legal Affairs and Administration for Ministry and Missions, Mr Okto D. Manik, and Madam. Both of them wear Bataknese traditional Ulos from Medan. 

The mascots of forthcoming Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia, namely: Bhin bhin (Cenderawasih/Bird of Paradise from Papua), Atung (deer from Bawean, East Java), Kaka (one-horned rhino from Ujungkulon) and yours truly would like to wish you all once again:

Dirgahayu RI dan KEMLU ke-73