Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Indonesian First Lady Iriana Jokowi’s Fashion Diplomacy Shines in Australia

“My wife and I have always been Batik lovers. Batik is an iconic identity of Indonesia which has received worldwide acknowledgement”
– H.E. Mr Joko Widodo (President of the Republic of Indonesia)

Graceful and elegance are two words that immediately come into mind when one encounters the charming Madam Iriana Widodo, spouse of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Accompanying her spouse on a state visit to Australia, Ibu Iriana with her charming smile and personality has truly won the hearts of not only Indonesians & Australian-born Indonesians but also the Australians.

Being the First Lady of the world’s fourth largest nation with population approximately 255 millions of people, Ibu Iriana –as she is widely known- embodies the image of Indonesian women.

Charming without overdoing, soft spoken yet strong minded and effortless class are the key characteristics of Indonesian women living and working in the 21st century. These three admirable qualities and beyond are truly represented by Madam Widodo.  

During the recent state visit, Ibu Iriana dazzled her counterpart, Madam Lucy Turnbull (spouse of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull) as well as thousands of admirers in Australia not just through shining personality but also through impeccable appearances in her Batik & kebaya as well Songket sarong.

Indeed, fashion holds an important element in developing diplomatic ties between nations. Great civilization of states is seen through their traditional costumes. With her humble yet refined attire, Ibu Iriana has shown how Indonesia’s fashion diplomacy can triumph in abroad.

Witness Madam Iriana’s refined looks in IG (@JETANDJUNG) and Facebook (JET’s Fashion Diplomacy page).

Catatan Kecil untuk Sahabat Desainer dan Rekans Diplomat:
Sebagai ikon dari diplomasi busana Indonesia, Ibu Negara Iriana Widodo telah menampilkan gaya busana yang elegan. Kesederhanaan dan kepribadian Ibu Iriana yang hangat tercermin dari pemilihan busana yang dikenakan beliau. Tidak perlu busana yang teramat glamor dan mewah, tidak perlu juga pilihan asesoris seperti perhiasan yang bling-bling dan tas yang seronok untuk menunjukkan status. Kesederhanaan justru dapat menjadi kunci utama suksesnya diplomasi busana Indonesia. Mari kita bersama mencontoh gaya busana Ibu Negara Iriana Widodo yang mendapatkan decak kagum oleh para Kepala Negara dan Ibu Negara dari negara-negara sahabat, tidak hanya Madam Lucy Turnbull (Australia) dan Madam Peng Liyuan (China) tetapi juga Ratu Margrethe II (Denmark) dan tokoh dunia lainnya. Let’s follow Madam Iriana’s effortless chic and timeless elegance in highlighting Indonesian fabled cloths, through every event anywhere and anytime. Bravo Ibu Negara, Viva Diplomasi Busana Indonesia.

The smiling First Couples of Australia and Indonesia
Madam Iriana Widodo, Madam Lucy Turnbull, H.E. Mr Joko Widodo (Indonesian President) and H.E. Mr Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Australia) at the private residence of Prime Minister in Sydney.

President wears a sogan (deep brown) hand-painted Batik shirt with the pattern of Lar (wings). In the ancient times, Lar pattern was worn by Sultans of Java as a symbol of infinite wisdom and power.

Madam Iriana is dressed in red blouse-like kebaya with Batik sarong with pattern of “Parang Rusak” (broken dagger). This pattern used to be an exclusive pattern of the Javanese royalty.

Indonesian President and First Lady with Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, Indonesian Ambassador and spouse, Indonesian Consul General in Sydney and spouse along with the staff of Indonesian Consulate General.

The charming Ibu Negara with Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Madam Dewi Savitri Wahab (Consul General in Melbourne), Madam Nino Riphat (spouse of Indonesian Ambassador), Madam Irene Mulyana (spouse of Indonesian Consul General in Sydney).

Icons of Fashion Diplomacy as covered by The Sydney Morning Herald:
Madam Iriana Widodo (Indonesia’s First Lady) and Madam Lucy Turnbull (Australia’s First Lady) both wear fuschia colored attire.

Fuschia and beige were the chosen color of outfits by leading ladies of Fashion Diplomacy:
Madam Irene Mulyana (spouse of Indonesian Consul General in Sydney), Madam Lucy Turnbull (spouse of Prime Minister of Australia), Madam Iriana Widodo (First Lady of Indonesia), Madam Nino Riphat (spouse of Indonesian Ambassador to Australia) at the Indigenous wing in Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Curator from the Art Gallery explains about Australian Indigenous bark paintings to Madam Iriana Widodo as witnessed by Madam Turnbull. Indonesia is also endowed with various bark paintings originating from Kalimantan.

Proud to play a part in this distinguished entourage of Indonesia’s First Lady.

JET with the talented group of First Ladies from Indonesia and Australia.

The two First Ladies bidding farewell to each other at the staircases of Art Gallery.

Australian Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, and Lady Cosgrove extended heartwarming welcome to President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana.

Adoring fans of President Jokowi and First Lady have waited for hours to catch a glimpse of President Joko Widodo as the First Couple arrived in Hotel Shangrila.

Kebaya is the epitome of Indonesian women’s elegance as worn by these spouses of Heads and Deputy Heads of Mission to Australia.
(L-R): JET, Madam Penny Derry Aman (spouse of DCM of Australia), Ms Alexa (daughter of DCM to Jakarta), Mr Ai Mulyana (son of Consul General in Sydney), Madam Irene Mulyana (spouse of Indonesian Consul General in Sydney)

President Jokowi is the first visiting dignitary who hosted an event at the newly concluded International Convention Center with its state-of-the-art facilities at Darling Harbour.

President Jokowi was wholeheartedly embraced by approximately 2.500 Indonesians and Australians both equally excited with his kind and humble attitude as well as his pro-people economic & infrastructure programmes.

President Widodo and Madam Iriana with Indonesian Ambassador to Australia and spouse.

Madam Iriana is dressed in royal blue colored baju kurung (long cloth) with a matching pair of Songket sarong and sash. Traditionally, Songket is a hand-woven traditional textile applying golden threads. These days Songket could also be developed with silver threads.

President Widodo officially launched the Indonesian Language School as witnessed by Indonesian Ambassador to Australia as well as Cabinet Members (L-R):
Mr. Triawan Munaf (Head of Creative Economy Agency), Mr Tom Lembong (Head of Investment Coordinating Board), Mr Pramono Anung (Cabinet Secretary), H.E. Madam Retno Marsudi (Foreign Minister) and Mr Enggartiasto Lukito (Trade Minister).

Indonesia’s First Couple accompanied by Indonesian Ambassador and spouse at the Indonesian gathering in ICC.

Full house ICC, as admirers of President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana Widodo wait anxiously to meet and greet Indonesian First Couple.

After the event, thousands flock to take a selfie with the graceful Madam Iriana Widodo.

Finally, a selfie moment with the amazing President Joko Widodo. All the very best always to you, Mr President!



Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Batik and Tenun Dress Code for IFW 2017

“Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals
of good dressing and these do not cost money” – Christian Dior (Couturier)

I like to think that each fashion week is a wake up call to its attendees. It is the time to thoroughly plan the attire for attending the numerous shows in the fashion week. When I received a number of show invitations at Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2017 from 1 to 5 February 2017, I began to organize my choice of wardrobe for the highly anticipated show in my home country.

Batik and Tenun are my preferred choices for the IFW 2017. Both fabled textiles of Indonesia perfectly embody the very essence of Indonesian long standing tradition of fashion and meticulous craftsmanship. Also, in accordance with the theme of IFW “Celebrations of Culture”, Batik and Tenun would make an excellent dress code for entire fashion week.

Find out JET’s fab choice of outfits throughout the IFW by scrolling the following images:

Opening/First Day (February 1, 2017)

“Taman Arum Sunyaragi” is the name of this traditional Batik shirt from Cirebon. This shirt belongs to Mr Jos Tandjung, my Father. I am lucky that my Father and I share similar measurement so we can always borrow one another’s attire. Lucky son, heyyy JJJ

This Batik shirt holds a special place in my heart as I looked for the cloth in Cirebon and then I asked Dian Pelangi to design the shirt for Father. I asked for a clean-cut shirt so that the pattern would be the focus of the shirt and not the other way around.

I believe this shirt has represented what I wanted my outfit to embody on the first day, an attire that is classy yet contains something sparkly about it. The elegant pattern of Taman Arum Sunyaragi is obviously the sparkling element of the shirt.